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What is www.NetIncome.in?
This plan is one its kind in which you can earn
more than Rs.24 Crores
just by promoting this marketing plan.
This plan works in total 10 levels. In which Sponsor gets Rs.300 as Sponsoring Income and all the Uplines also get Level Income at Rs.25 per level upto 10 Levels up. You can sponsor as many people as you can and can get income @ Rs.300 per user. For complete details of the plan, please choose any language of your choice and click on that button or you may also whatsapp us at 8728887388 if you need any more details.

Growth Levels
Every person gets Rs.300/- on any Direct Joining. This is known as 1st Growth Level. Apart from this you also get Growth Level Income accordingly as shown below :


1st Growth Level
2nd Growth Level
3rd Growth Level
4th Growth Level
5th Growth Level
6th Growth Level
7th Growth Level
8th Growth Level
9th Growth Level
10th Growth Level


You Can Understand the Above Chart As Below


When a person, suppose 'A' joins directly under your ID, you get  Rs.300/- per  such  joining as 1st Growth Level Income.  When  any  person  joins  under 'A',  you  get  Rs.25/- per person for such joining as 2nd Growth Level. Accordingly, you continue getting income on the basis of Levels mentioned above under the title Growth Levels.
And the big thing is that there is no limit of joining people at any level. You can join as much friends as you want, at any level and can get the earning according to Earning Value of that particular level like Rs.300 / Rs.25 etc.

Change / Modification / Alteration of the plan is at sole discretion of the company.